Nick Shepherd

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A Swansea University computer science graduate and software developer, with over nine years experience in the physical security, estates management and digital marketing industries. Competent in full stack development including web based clients, back-end, database management, UI design, mobile, server side architecture, and junior team member staff training. Enthusiastic, self motivating and hard working with an integrity for products.


Senior Developer, UpriseVSI

May 2018 - Present, Cardiff United Kingdom

Working as a senior developer, my responsibilities are to help build and maintain the CMS and booking systems for our numerous customers, and developing bespoke web applications.

As well as writing code, my responsibilities have been to architect and design systems for our customers, and supervise junior members of the team to build out the products.

Achievements whilst in post:

Senior Developer, SureView Systems

June 2014 - May 2018, Swansea United Kingdom

As a senior member of the team, I was heavily involved in the architecting, building and maintaining of the world-class security monitoring software solution Immix, for customers all across the globe.

My role was about scoping, planning and building the software required by our customers to keep their platform feature rich, secure and functional for their operation.

I was responsible for interpreting the customer's statement of work (or user story) and turning it into a functional part of the platform.

As part of my role I supported junior members of the team to carry out their objectives, as well as developing all multi-functional parts of the platform, including database design, ASP.NET Web Pages, WCF Services, Windows Services, iOS and Android apps.

Achievements whilst in post:

Developer, SureView Systems

October 2010 - June 2014, Swansea United Kingdom

I started my career in the physical security industry by writing integrations between third party hardware manufacturers and our platform using our internal API. Over a range of different kinds of interfaces, such as C++ libraries, COM objects, Active-X, shared DLLs, web APIs and SDKs, it was my responsibility to make the manufacturer's product work seamlessly with our platform offering live and recorded video feeds, audio transmit and receive, relay output triggering, pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) telemetry and alarm decoding.

I also started to branch out into web development creating a reporting service which was used to provide graphs for use on a dashboard and report documents by pulling live data from the system.

Another part of my responsibilities as the API product started to mature, was with maintaining and supporting manufacturers that chose to write their own integration for our platform. This gave me a lot of insight into effective communication both through written documentation and speaking technically over the phone.

Achievements whilst in post:

Developer, Quantarc Ltd.

June 2008 - October 2010, Swansea United Kingdom

As a graduate I started my career in the Facilities Management industry, working to develop a web-based version of the existing company product, QuEMIS - a successful CAFM package with customers across the UK.

I gained valuable experience with Java, Hibernate, YUI, ASP.NET, JavaScript and jQuery.

As well as working on the new product, I was also responsible for maintaining the existing product. This technology was written in VB6, and used both Microsoft SQL and Oracle as the DBMS. The web part of the product also included both PHP and ASP Classic.

Achievements whilst in post:


B.Sc. (Hons.) - Computer Science

2008, University of Wales, Swansea

I enrolled on the computer science course offered by Swansea University obtaining an upper second class degree. My final year project was entitled "Principles and Practices of Programming" in which I examined, analysed and re-wrote the training course for the first year students' introduction to programming. I used the notion of a text-based adventure game that they could write themselves.

I also wrote a dissertation on "The Life and Times of Charles Babbage" in which I researched the father of modern computing. I thoroughly enjoyed the project and it furthered my passion for computer science and making myself a better programmer by constantly researching best practices.



SQL (T-SQL), Oracle, Stored Procedures, Entity-Framework, Hibernate (some)

Back end

C#, .NET, Windows Services, WCF, ASP.NET Web Pages, COM, FFMPEG, C++, Java, JNI, VB6

Front end

ASP.NET Web Pages, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript, Flash (ActionScript), Microsoft Reporting Services, YUI, Bootstrap, Markdown


Objective-C, Swift (some), Java (Android)

API and Protocols


Notable software packages

Visual Studio, XCode, Eclipse, Android Studio, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, Notepad++


Azure, AWS, 1&1 Virtual Machines


TFS, SVN, Git, Trac, Slack, Google Drive, GMail

Operating Systems and Tools

Windows, OS X, Unix, IIS, Apache (some)


References are available upon request.